French Mother’s Day cards “Bonne fête Maman” available in 3 colors!


It will be Mother’s Day soon here in the US, on May 14th so less than a month from now! If you celebrate la Fête des Mères, you will have until May 28th to get ready!

And I now have a selection of handmade French Mother’s Day cards for you!

In my last post I shared the English version of these cards, the only difference between them is the French sentiment “Bonne fête Maman”. I used the same colors, same inks and gold embossing powder for the sentiment!

Handmade French Mother's Day cards in blue pink and purple with sentiment Bonne fête Maman - La Carterie de Juliette

After moving to the US, I remember the 1st time I needed a French “Bonne fête Maman” card to send to my mum back in France for Mother’s Day…I couldn’t find anything in French and didn’t have the supplies to create this kind of card at that time. So I had to send her a card in English which is not what I really wanted to do…

Handmade Blue French Mother's Day Card with Bonne fête Maman - La Carterie de Juliette

I’m sure I am not the only one who have had/is having this problem! So that’s why I have decided to create this design with the French sentiment “Bonne fête Maman”.

Handmade pink Mother's Day Card in French with sentiment Bonne fête Maman embossed in gold - La Carterie de Juliette

This card is available in 3 colors: blue, pink and purple!

Purple handmade card in French for Mother's Day with gold sentiment Bonne fête Maman - La Carterie de Juliette

So if you’re struggling to find French Mother’s Day cards wherever you live, you can visit my Etsy shop by clicking just below:

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Finally, this week I am adding new handmade birthday cards to my shop and I will show you these here soon!
Have a great day! 🙂

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